Foul Weather Gear

Some of the things that you should look for when buying foul weather gear are:

  1. Buy the type of gear appropriate to your type of sailing. If the weather in your area is warm all the time, buy lightweight, single-thickness gear designed simply to keep rain off. If you sail where it is cool, buy gear with a liner that will also keep you warm. Both the Gill and Henri Lloyd jackets I tried had linings and were very comfortable in the 15- to 20-knot wind that was blowing when I wore the jackets on the water. Some foul weather gear has a removable liner, which is good for people who sail in different seasons.
  2. Always try the gear on before buying it. Make sure you can comfortably bend over in it and do all the other things that you’d normally do on a boat.
  3. Pay attention to collar height. The lowest height is for shore wear; on board you need the mid height, while offshore racers should have the highest collar. The height differences are designed to keep the back of your neck warm in cold conditions.
  4. Your jacket should have a hood tucked into the collar. Hoods today are fluorescent yellow/green to enable them to be spotted should you go overboard.
  5. There should be reflector patches on the shoulders to enable a man overboard to be seen at night. Don’t buy a suit that doesn’t have these patches.
  6. Check the seams. All seams should be taped on the inside so that needle holes from the sewing do not allow water through.
  7. Check the cuffs. You should have Velcro-fastened cuffs on the wrists and ankles so that you can secure them to prevent water ingress.
  8. All the gear I tried had front zippers protected by Velcro closures, making it very watertight. Look for this feature in any gear you purchase.
  9. Pockets should stay dry and so should also be protected by Velcro closures.
  10. Make sure you get the high-front, bib-style pants. Waist level pants allow water to get under the jacket.
  11. Pants should also have reinforced knees and seat.

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