Perception Kayak Prodigy Sunset

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From lakes to meandering rivers to flat oceans, the Perception Prodigy 10. 0 Kayak handles mellow paddling missions with aplomb. Easy to toss on top of the car and easy to paddle, this compact boat won't break the bank, but it'll get you on the water with ease. It weighs just 42lbs, has padded and adjustable Zone DLX seating to make the cockpit comfortable, and boasts wide-open cockpit that's accessible to kids, adults, and whoever else is ready for an adventure. The bottom skid plate protects the polyethylene hull from getting scraped to smithereens when Ricky Jr. pulls the new family boat down the driveway, and the watertight stern hatch protects his gear if he ever actually makes it to the water. Perception padded special areas of the cockpit rim to protect your knees and thighs, built in a stern bulkhead so the Prodigy won't sink if you play a watery king of the castle game. It included foot braces that increase control and paddling power when you're more interested in covering ground than being swamped by a gang of ten-year-olds.


  • Hull Material: polyethylene
  • Length: 10 ft
  • Width: 2.5 ft
  • Deck Height: 1.25 ft
  • Maximum Load: 275 lbs

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