Mud Prop for Longtail Mud Motor (Performance propeller for Backwater,

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If you are looking for a mud motor prop that is the ultimate in performance, quality and value, look no further, you have found the right place. Backwater Blade propellers come in several sizes to accommodate mud motors from 4hp to 40hp (with industry standard 3/4" #10 thread shafts). Through extensive real-world experience, we understand how important it is to get the right prop to suit your motor and specific running conditions. If you are unsure of the exact prop you need, please call us. The Best Mud Prop Mud motors are the 4x4s of boat motors. Whether you are navigating a shallow river, powering through mud and vegetation, or running across open water fully loaded with your hunting buddies, dog and decoys, it takes a specialized propeller to deliver the performance you need in every situation. Our props are the result of years of experience and development. -The pitch and cup of each size has been carefully tuned to provide the maximum in speed and propulsion power for its respective motor. -Negative rake on the leading edges of the blades makes the props super-weedless. Additionally, each prop is balanced by hand to ensure smooth operation. High-grade 18-8 stainless steel, annealed to provide optimal strength so the prop can better withstand strikes to rocks and stumps. Also provides longer wear life by making it resistant to abrasive conditions such as sand and gravel. -Eectronically spin-balanced, which minimizes vibration when running. Service and Value We have had experience in the mud motor industry for over a decade and have thousands of hours of runtime in the backwaters. You can be sure that you are dealing someone with extensive real-world knowledge who specializes in mud motors unlike aftermarket sellers. Offering the best product is not our only goal -- we make sure you get the prop you need at an excellent price so that you can enjoy the benefits of uncompromising quality without breaking the bank.

  • Super tough, weedless propeller

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