Guardian Fall Protection 00484 Bull Ring Anchor

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The Guardian Fall Protection Bull Ring Anchors are suitable for personal fall arrest, restraint, or work positioning applications. For all applications, the worker weight capacity range (including all clothing, tools and equipment) is 130 to 310 pounds. The anchor itself is constructed of 100% zinc-plated steel. Substrate must be roof truss or support beam that is minimum of 3" thick CDX or better. All fasteners (use either six 16d, 3" long 8 gauge nails or three 1/4" x 3" zinc-plated steel hex head lag screws) must be fully embedded in the substrate. This particular anchor is suitable for multiple installation applications as long as new fasteners are use for each installation.


  • Suitable for fall arrest, restraint, or work positioning applications
  • Constructed of 100% zinc-plated steel
  • Suitable for multiple installation applications


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