Greenfield 514-RD Vinyl Coated River Anchor

$ 38.10

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Tri-fluke cast iron design recommended in soft/moderate conditions and for medium duty. The Tri-Fluke design of the River Anchor allows flukes to penetrate in soft and moderate conditions and engage rocks and structure in rivers and current. The river anchor is a great all-purpose anchor for lighter craft, or a great second anchor. Designed to hold boats under 16′. Weights vary due to metal and coating content. Listed weights are approximate.


  • 14 lb. river anchor designed to hold boats less than 16′
  • Tri-fluke design penetrates soft river bottoms
  • Designed to engage rocks and structures in rivers and current
  • Vinyl coating protects boat finish
  • Recommended scope (line feet: depth feet) – 5:1


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