Coleman Company Women’s Stearns V1 Series Personal Floatation Device

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Even adrenaline junkies need backup, so buckle into a Stearns Women's V1 Series Hydroprene Life Jacket. Whether you're riding a wake or swimming a mile, the V-Flex sculpted back design is going to move comfortably with you. Our lightweight Hydroprene Material technology is our softest, most maneuverable material-perfect for an entire day at the lake. Ride-up tabs in the front allow you to pull your US Coast Guard-approved jacket back into place when you jump into the water and two adjustable buckled straps and zippered front keep the vest in place for the entire ride. Hydroprene Material is also tough and coupled with PVC foam inside and 1.5-in. (3.81-cm) webbed straps, you're sure to catch wakes in it season after season.


  • Coast Guard-approved
  • Lightweight Hydroprene Material construction for softer comfort and more maneuverability
  • V-Flex sculpted back design moves with you
  • Ride up tabs to readjust the jacket after you jump into the water
  • Dry ring for easy hanging after use

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